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Dear Friends of The Arizona Consortium for the Arts,

The Arizona Consortium for the Arts ANNOUNCES ITS ANNUAL FUND DRIVE!
Have you attended our monthly open mic arts and cultural events or the Annual Fall Festival of the Arts or the Annual Spring Blue Guitar Festival of the Arts? Have you read/contributed to our Blue Guitar Magazine, the Blue Guitar Jr. or the Unstrung Poetry Magazine? Did you know that it is free to join us, all of our events are free to the community and it is also free to submit to our magazines and to download and read them from online? Do you enjoy our events, monthly newsletters, websites, videos and our blogs?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you know and appreciate the good work of The Arizona Consortium for the Arts. The grants defray only a fraction of expenses. To make up the balance, we depend on friends like you. You can help us continue to make our programs available here in the Phoenix area. Please give generously to our Fund Drive — now through December. Just CLICK on PayPal on this page to make a gift today! You can make your contribution today, fast, easy and securely via PayPal. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to use the PayPal credit card system. Your contributions are tax-deductible. For other options to donate, please email your questions and comments to or call 602-263-5373.
Help us leave a legacy!
Thank you very much for your support of The Arizona Consortium for the Arts! 
The Board and all the volunteers

The Arizona Consortium for the Arts would like you to join us to friend-raise and fund-raise so that we can continue in our vision to add dynamism and vitality to our communities in establishing a multidisciplinary arts center and leaving a legacy for this generation and future generations. 
It's been an amazing ride since we began in the fall of 2007. Over the course of our history, The Arizona Consortium for the Arts has carved out a distinctive role among the region's thriving arts and cultural institutions as a unique organization. The Consortium also partners with other organizations and provides children and adults with a wide range of programs with hands-on, up-close encounters with their own creativity and previously untapped talents. And that's just for starters.

One of the best known and most prominent projects is the highly acclaimed The Blue Guitar Magazine, noted for both its quality and its range. The Blue Guitar is a literary and arts journal/magazine. It features Arizona emerging and established writers and artists. The Blue Guitar has drawn statewide submissions and is currently published online. The magazine has thousands of readers in Arizona, throughout the country and abroad. We also publish The Blue Guitar Jr. Edition, which features works by children and works by adults who write for children. The editor in chief of The Blue Guitar Magazine, Rebecca Dyer, was nominated for the Governor’s Arts Award in 2012. The inaugural issue of Unstrung magazine was launched in the summer of 2012. Unstrung magazine is solely dedicated to poetry. 

Another popular programming is the Consortium’s annual Blue Guitar Festival of the Arts. The Festival features our local musicians, dancers, singers, cultural presentations, and readers from The Blue Guitar Magazine. The audience is treated to a varied program that runs the gamut from theatre and dance to music of all genres and spoken and written word presentations.

In addition to promoting a wide range of programs in the visual, literary and performing arts, The Arizona Consortium for the Arts maintains a varied and growing portfolio of programs, projects and services for artists, audiences, and collaborating organizations.

Since 2007, the Consortium has supported visionary, adventurous and thought-provoking artists spanning all disciplines. During our Annual Blue Guitar Festival of the Arts and our Annual Fall Festival of the Arts, the public celebrates our artists through presentations, exhibitions, readings and performances. Some of the performances feature local arts and cultural groups that partner and collaborate with our Consortium. We have also partnered with area educational institutions and businesses for our events and festivals, such as: Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park, Artisan Markets, Dog-Eared Pages Books, Desert Ridge Marketplace and many others. 
Our capstone achievement came when we were recognized and received a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and when Rebecca Dyer was nominated for the Governor’s Arts Award in 2012. 
We received grants in 2014 from the City of Tempe and the Arizona Lottery. We also received a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts for 2015 - 2016.
Our No. 1 priority is always to support and give voices and visibility to Arizona artists in all disciplines and genres, organizations and audiences, through continuous events and festivals free to our community, while utilizing our magazines, websites, newsletters and social media sites. 

And now onward. We estimate that soon we will have space to utilize through a collaboration with local entities. 
We are making the significant commitment to accomplish this goal for several reasons. The most important one is that you — our members and supporters — want the space to happen.
The bottom line is that we cannot do this without your help. We invite you to please consider giving an anniversary gift today toward our “Fund Drive.” Many thanks in advance for your collaboration and investment in our efforts! 
Also for more information on how to join the ARTIZONA DREAM TEAM to help us move forward - please contact Elena at 602-263-5373 or email


There are countless ways to contribute, and the consortium is grateful for any donation in any form!

 Our Wish List:

1. Join us and attend our events free of charge.

2. Sponsors for our three online magazines.

3. Submit to our three online arts and literary magazines: The Blue Guitar, The Blue Guitar Jr. and Unstrung.

4. Special Edition of the Blue Guitar magazine printed so we can distribute it for FREE to senior centers, hospitals, schools, etc.

5. Seeking sponsors for our Annual Blue Guitar Festival of the Arts which takes place in the fall

6. Seeking people, businesses and organizations to benefit our consortium at their events

7. Raffle and Silent Auction Items

8. Share your skills and expertise with us, including, Attorney (Nonprofit), Grant Writing, Donor Development, Corporate Giving, Sponsorships

9. Space to hold arts and cultural events.

10. Building to realize our consortium’s vision for all arts and cultural programming free to the community.



Use Brokers for Charity

Support our consortium without spending a dime! If you know anyone who is buying or selling real estate in the US or Canada, ask them to use Brokers for Charity and they donate 10% of the real estate broker's commission to us! Whether it's commercial or residential, you can designate that the donation be made to Arizona Consortium for the Arts.

For all information contact: 

Janae Jaynes - Learned
Designated Broker

Phone: 602-793-9000

We also encourage you to visit:


Each edition of literary and arts journal/magazine, “The Blue Guitar” is published on the Web site –

“The Blue Guitar” is the first project of the Arizona Consortium for the Arts. Through our networking the magazine reaches thousands of readers and they are anxiously awaiting each issue. Please consider placing an ad in the magazine.

Listings, greetings, and ad rates: 
Listing (name) - $10 
One-eighth of a page - $25 
One-quarter of a page - $50 
One-half of a page - $75 
Full page - $100 

To place an ad and for information please contact Elena or 602-263-5373